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With AirNet's AdaptaCell® broadband, software-defined Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and AirSite® Backhaul Free™ Base Station, both initial network infrastructure costs and recurring monthly operating expenses are dramatically reduced. AirNet offers service providers some of the most cost-effective GSM infrastructure available, providing maximum coverage at the lowest cost and with the highest voice quality.

  • AdaptaCell® Broadband, Software-Defined BTS - A cost-effective alternative to expensive fixed protocol base stations. Just add software and the AdaptaCell supports GPRS and EDGE. Simultaneous multiple protocols lets you support new legacy voice and new high-speed data protocols on one base station. Just change a setting to move capacity from one protocol to another. No hardware modifications required.

  • Super Capacity Solution - The world's first GSM Quad-Band and S8888 solution which offers service providers the most cost-effective path for expanding and improving the capacity of emerging wireless networks.

  • RapidCell™, Compact, Rapidly Deployable GSM Base Station - AirNet's rapidly deployable technology solves the problem of getting a reliable communications system up and running when and where it is needed, FAST! The RapidCell Base Station supports the versatility of commercial GSM wireless technology. Available in four GSM frequency bands, the RapidCell supports any commercial GSM mobile phone.

  • AdaptaCell® BTS-4000RM - The AdaptaCell BTS-4000RM opens up many new connectivity options for GSM operators. Small, rugged and compact, the BTS-4000RM eliminates many of the costly and cumbersome equipment and installation challenges associated with traditional systems. A wide variety of connectivity and vocoding options are delivered for maximum flexibility, including a SIP-enabled interface for connectivity to VoIP networks.
  • AirSite® Backhaul Free™ Base Station - Eliminates most T1/E1 lines in typical configurations. Get coverage fast with some of the lowest capital and recurring costs in the industry.

  • GPRS/EDGE Solution - A high-speed packet data solution that is the easiest, most cost-effective way to deliver GPRS/EDGE services.

  • Operations and Maintenance Center-Radio (OMC-R) - Our GUI based OMC-R eases routine maintenance tasks. Get your service personnel qualified and productive faster.

  • Base Station Controller (BSC) and Transcoder Rate Adapter Unit (TRAU) - AirNet's Base Station Controller and Transcoder Rate Adaptation Unit team together to complete AirNet's cost-effective, scalable BSS.
  • Advanced Core Network - Complete core including MSC/VLR, HLR, SMSC/MMSC, USSD Server and Prepaid Gateway. Capable of supporting up to 3.6 million subscribers on carrier-grade platforms including microTCA and ATCA.
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Features & Benefits

The AdaptaCell® base station supports tomorrow's high-speed data protocols by upgrading software - not hardware.

The AirSite® Backhaul Free™ base station lets you build-out fast without costly T1/E1 lines.

GSM World Award winning technology - shipping today!

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