Defining the Future of WirelessAirNet offers infrastructure solutions for commercial GSM customers, and government, defense, homeland security based agencies. AirNetís base station incorporates patented broadband transceiver technology that eliminates the need for multiple costly components typically found in narrowband base stations resulting in a less expensive, smaller footprint product. AirNetís base station today supports a seamless migration from the 2G voice services to the voice and data services of 2.5G as well as future 3G/4G solutions.

AirNet designs, manufactures, and markets wireless infrastructure products, including the AdaptaCell® broadband, software-defined base station, the AirSite® Backhaul Free Base Station, and the RapidCell™. The AirNet® family of base stations having been deployed for over 10 years, is also highly reliable having achieved compliance with Telcordia standards of 99.99% for field reliability. AirNetís AirSite Backhaul Free base station technology eliminates the need for expensive T-1/E1/IP lines and microwave by backhauling traffic on unused wireless spectrum enabled by AirNetís broadband architecture. This is a significant benefit to operators especially in non-urban areas where T-1/E1/IP and microwave costs are particularly high. In addition, the AirSite base stationís low cost, small size and low power consumption allow operators to flexibly and quickly upgrade their systems as usage increases or to fill holes in their coverage as well as ease community concerns about the aesthetics of large base stations. The RapidCell base station, provides 96 channels of Type 1-4 secure communications, all in a single compact and ruggedized container. AirNet infrastructure provides maximum coverage at minimum cost while preserving the flexibility and software configurability. AirNetís base station products simultaneously support multiple protocols, can upgrade to high-speed data services as subscribers demand wireless Internet access.

AirNet has won two coveted awards from the GSM Association, representing over 400 operators around the world. In February 2006, AirNet received the award for "Best Radio Access Product" and in February 1998, they received the "Best Technical Innovation" award.

AirNet is certified as an ISO 9001:2000 company.

AirNet's Product Portfolio Offers a Unique Approach to
Solving the Most Demanding GSM and Secure Communications Requirements.

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